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Tour Bahías
3 a 7 horas

Immerse yourself in happiness with our Premium Bays Tour! Enjoy an unforgettable experience on a relaxing journey where freedom comes to life. Accompanied by fish, turtles, dolphins, and manta rays, you will feel connected to marine life. Rest worry-free on pristine beaches surrounded by nature, while snorkeling and savoring your favorite drink. Tranquility and beauty will embrace you at every moment. At Xpert, we know how to satisfy your desires. How about indulging in a pineapple stuffed with shrimp or a delicious lobster? This unique experience will be etched in your memories. We look forward to sharing unparalleled moments with you!


Not included

  • Collective or private boat.

  • Drinks (water and soft drinks).

  • Transfers hotel – dock – hotel. 

  • Certified guide in English or Spanish.

  • Food in restaurant.

  • Snorkeling equipment.

RECOMMENDATION: We suggest you bring a swimsuit, a towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, a camera, and some extra money for your meal or souvenirs.

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City Tour
3 hours

The Huatulco City Tour showcases the main attractions of this beautiful beach destination. You will visit the downtown area and La Crucesita, the place where you'll find a concentration of restaurants serving typical cuisine, craft shops, silversmiths, art galleries, and artisanal textile stores. Here, you'll also find the largest painting of the Virgin of Guadalupe in the world, located in a beautiful church.

This Huatulco tour lasts for 3 and a half hours and includes a visit to the beaches of Tangolunda and La Entrega.

If, at the end of the tour, you prefer to stay in the downtown area to try the famous tlayudas or have a coffee in the main square, simply inform your guide so they won't wait for you.


  • Certified guide.

  • Tastings.

  • Transfer Hotel – Miradores - Crucecita - Hotel.

RECOMMENDATION: We suggest you wear comfortable shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, a camera, and some extra money for souvenirs


(Ventanilla - Mazu

7 hours

Discover an enriching and motivating tour that will connect you with nature and wildlife! In Ventanilla, you will learn about the importance of protecting misunderstood species like crocodiles and iguanas. Their tranquil and cool habitat will provide you with a memorable experience as you stroll by the lagoon. In Mazunte, you will embrace the relaxed and organic lifestyle you've always desired.

Visiting the Cosmetics Factory, led by enterprising women, will inspire you to believe in self-improvement and respect for all forms of life. Join this unique experience and uncover the beauty and significance of preserving our environment


Not included

  • Certified guide.

  • Transfer.

  • Community fee.

  • Turtle field fee.

  • Tips.

RECOMMENDATION: We suggest you bring comfortable shoes, sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, a hat, a camera, and some extra money.

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Sin título-1_edited.png

7 hours

Discover the magic that Xpert offers you in a pristine and fascinating place! Imagine waterfalls in the heart of the jungle, untouched and surrounded by lush flora and fauna, in a cool and welcoming environment. Here, nature awaits you for a full connection. We provide you with a tailor-made experience, whether it's relaxing or filled with adventures. You can swim in the crystal-clear waters, peacefully relax, explore the waterfall, or take the plunge from the heights if you dare.

To complement this magical setting, we invite you to savor cups of organic coffee and local culinary delights. And why not indulge in refreshing natural fruit waters? It's time to believe in the magic of nature and the unique experience that Xpert has to offer.

Book now and let yourself be carried away by the beauty and charm of these waterfalls!


  • Certified guide

  • Water

  • Transfers hotel – waterfalls – hotel 

  • Traditional food

RECOMMENDATION: Wear your swimsuit, bring water shoes, a towel, insect repellent, a camera, sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, and extra money.

NOT RECOMMENDED: For individuals with mobility issues or back problems.